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There’s absolutely no doubt about it: when Amazon fully launches in Australia, the way Australians shop online will be fundamentally transformed.


Once Amazon fully enters the Australian market (and has opened up its fulfillment centers), we fully anticipate that this change will be swift and sweeping.


It’s not just Amazon’s staggering catalogue of products, its world-renowned customer service, or its industry-leading fulfillment services. Amazon’s services are so vast and so encompassing that it offers a complete online retail solution. The important part, though, is that Amazon’s complete solution is just as beneficial for retailers as it is for consumers.

Once Amazon opens its fulfillment centers, Australian businesses will be able to leave their domestic retail logistics in Amazon’s capable hands. The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) system allows retailers to send their goods to be warehoused with Amazon. When an order comes in, Amazon ships it out at an often faster and cheaper rate than you could do it yourself. That eliminates the need for complicated logistics agreements, warehouse space, and shipping supplies, which drastically reduces your overhead. Businesses that don’t want to do FBA can still list and sell their products on Amazon while maintaining control of the fulfilment themselves.

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