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LeadershipHQ & Sonia McDonald

 Businesses can not exist or survive without great people and great leadership. It’s about building great businesses and organisations through strategy, culture, leadership, growth, connection and change. We are the Catalyst for Better Business and Great Leadership. We are that Advisor and Coach. So, is your leadership the best it can be? Are your people truly engaged, motivated and productive? Do you have a culture that people are banging down your door to work for? Do you know where you are going and have a great business strategy? Are you connecting with the right people? Are you getting results through your people? Have you got the right people, systems and processes in place? 

Is this happening for you? 

If yes, we love your work! If not, is this keeping you up at night? 

We have helped 1000's of organisations, teams and leaders achieve greatness. We partner with SME’s and Organisations to bring out the best in them. Our team deliver brilliant Leadership, People, Cultural and Business Strategies and Programs. 

Here’s a snapshot -

⭐️ Leadership Programs 
⭐️ Leadership & Business Coaching 
⭐️ Culture Transformation
⭐️ People Development & HR Consulting 
⭐️ Workshops & Events
⭐️ Online Programs 
⭐️ Licensing 
⭐️ Business Strategy 
⭐️ The Business Collective 
⭐️ Keynote Speaker 
⭐️ Facilitation 

We help build great engagement, motivation, retention, productivity and ultimately improve the bottom line within your business. We have customised leadership programs, coaching, resources and deliver transformational cultural change as well as high impact business strategies. We have published some great books and have spoken across the world for many years on leadership, neuroscience and business. We are focused on delivering only the best development, results and outcomes for you. It’s about how we can help you through our expertise to be that catalyst.

Phone 1300 719 665

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