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Leadership Partners

Leadership Partners is a boutique leadership advisory firm, founded upon the values of integrity, trust and professionalism. We provide the scaffolding that supports senior leaders and their teams to function at a higher level of self-awareness, so they can bring about meaningful change across their organisations and the communities they serve.  

Leadership Partners are tertiary-qualified leadership advisors, coaches and facilitators delivering credible and insightful advice through inquiry that stimulates critical thinking. We engage in strong relationships with our clients and it is our duty to care for them in any circumstances, with openness and utmost ethics to considering different perspectives.

 From our own experience we understand that, sometimes, growing is difficult. It requires us to see beyond our 'fields of vision' to fully comprehend and act on our inner or outer contexts, with courage and compassion. In this journey, however, having companions can make a difference in our ability to evolve when facing adversity. 

 Leadership Partners are these companions. 

 Senior leaders have the most power to make a difference. By contributing towards growth and development at organisations’ highest levels, every day we get closer to accomplishing our vision of a ripple-down effect, making for a better society. 

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