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Lead and Inspire

Taking Teachers to the Top

Our mission is to create a supportive teacher community where every teacher that is in the tribe feels; vibrant, enthusiastic, energetic, passionate and empowered. It is all about striving for your personal best in an intelligent way where we simplify, stop and listen to what we need for ourselves. We want to create a supportive community of teachers because the teaching profession has so many stressors outside of our control. At the end of the day, the only thing we can control is our own decisions, beliefs and mindset. It is important that we make sure we utilise our time and energy effectively to cater for the needs of those around us.There is so much professional development on what we can do in our classrooms, schools and for our students; so why not professional development for us?

We provide a range of services such as face to face workshops, online programs, free workshops, teacher retreats, coaching sessions and with more to come. The powerful thing is that our community will drive what services will be provided as Lead and Inspire Pty Ltd is here to support the teaching community by identifying what is needed, what is of interest and we will collaborate with others to access the information.




We are a supportive community of teaching professionals.

We recognise the importance of nourishing ourselves- mind, body and soul.

We are proactive in identifying our own needs, finding solutions and the additional support we need because we are always striving for progress and not perfection.

We are aware of our own power in the choices we make and participate in our own personal development journey with an open heart and open mind.

Join our community today through our email list, Facebook page or Instagram and start your journey by attending one of our workshops where you will be investing in yourself!


Always with a smile,


Lead and Inspire Pty Ltd 



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