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Lauren White - Sexologist



Have you ever met one of those people that are so passionate about what they are doing that they get very excitable when their speciality topic arises? Well, that’s me! I started my offering as Sexosophy in 2012 to provide a safe space for women to shed the beliefs, mindsets and a lack of confidence that were holding them back from the sex life that they were truly worthy of. A lot has changed since the creation of Sexosophy (including a name change to Lauren White in May 2017) because I've changed. But that original intention still underpins everything that I offer.


I've done lots of speaking, workshops, a group program and seminars. I love practicing and sharing pearls around what makes female sexuality so sacred, giving, luscious and ecstatic (and sometimes weird and contradictory!). I am a helper at heart and am a pioneer in the budding field of Sexology – it is why I am here on Earth and I intend to keep pursuing wisdom from all corners of what's out there so that it will make a difference to your real world sex life.


Women choose me because they feel safe and see very quickly that I get it. They love the follow and lead process I offer in rich 1.1 sessions that make room for expression and integration. They learn about the connection between their minds and their bodies so that they can be more present during sex rather than looking outside for something magical to do it for them. 

Have a look at my portal: to see how I can help you.

Lauren xo




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