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Kundalini Sound & Herbaly Therapy

Kundalini Sound & Herbal Therapy was officially founded in 2010. However the journey to bring Kundalini to fruition commenced much earlier. It has been since 1998, while Chaitanyashree persued his Spiritual path, that His aim to promote the ancient technique of Sound Healing combined with a modern scientific approach really first evolved. Modern science has found that sound can alter the brain waves and is a very helpful tool to relax and meditate. The soothing overtones of the singing bowls are extremely helpful to alter the brain waves and induce deep peace and tranquility in one's mind. The binuaral beats* it produces are very helpful to entertain the brain and take it to lower alpha and beta stages. It is said that “we are what kind of music we listen to”. In Nepal, from the very beginning sound was recognized as a medium of healing and was used in various shamanic rituals. To this day, bells, gongs, and sankas (conch shells) are played in all Hindu and Buddhist temples during prayer or while chanting mantras. These instruments are considered holy and are believed to awaken the Gods whose blessing will bring wellness and prosperity in one's life. We can see that most of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses have a musical instrument associated with them, which symbolizes the essence and importance of sound and music.

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