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Kit LeClaire and Marnie Vale

Infertility can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. You should not have the burden of the loneliness as well as the heartbreak that accompanies infertility.

Let's join forces and wait together, no longer alone, but together in this journey!

Our Vision & Purpose

Our vision and purpose is to create a positive and supportive community. The Together We Wait community is a safe and confidential environment for people experiencing the heartbreak of infertility.

It is a place for us to share in our sorrow, and find solace in this collective and inclusive community.

Support - Networks - Companionship

The support networks we establish will aim to help individuals and couples experiencing infertility. These networks focus on empowerment and information sharing.

Our monthly meet-up group will involve individuals and couples coming together on common ground to support, care, share, and guide one another during the heartbreak of infertility.

Friendship and companionship cultivate our community. We hope this community provides you with lifelong and rewarding connections.

Resources - Information - Sharing

At Together We Wait we provide a comprehensive suite of resources and information.  This suite will give you a central place for accessing websites, blogs and other forms of information surrounding infertility and IVF.



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