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King Creative Media Pty Ltd

With over 15 years in the marketing & advertising game and as the architects behind some breakthrough campaigns for companies such as Skechers Footware, ASUS Computers and SOL REPUBLIC Headphones. 

We've refined our approach around solving 3 specific problem business owners tend to struggle with everyday. From Germany to the USA to right here in Australia, business owners of challenger brands are pushed to their limits and they have no choice but to perform. 

Their schedules take them from one task to the next and as a result all to often they dont have time to stop, think or plan. Others just don't have an effective plan or process in place at all. Nothing that will deliver the results they want and they end up with missed oppotunities, a lack of sales and profits declining. 

The 3 biggest issues they are facing are: 

  • Stock not moving from their retail stores or online stores. 
  • Loosing touch with their ever important consumer. 
  • Not getting noticed in the media. 
It doesn't have to be this way though and at King Creative we've handcrafted a 5 phase marketing formula that cuts to the heart of each of these issues putting the business owners in control and ahead of the game. 

To increase sales, we show you how a great marketing plan can help increase profits. 
To build cusomers, we talk guide through a step by step process to build an avid community. 
To gain media attendtion, we show you the tips of the trade and share industry secrects that really work. 

Our mission is to give back time to business owners around the world and give them the tools so that they can have a successful business and build a happier business community. 

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