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Kim Lansdowne-Walker 'Crystal Kim CK'

Kim Lansdowne-Walker 'Ohlara' is the founder of Pure Balance® and PureBalance Inner Wisdom Academy which specializes in spiritual and personal development for those looking for deeper life meaning and specialized healing.

She offers post graduate training in advanced forms of energy body work, massage, energetic healing, shamanic practice, psychotherapy, medical intuition, cellular rejuvenation and detoxification, supporting personal evolution to increase ones light consciousness and support biological crystalline cellular conversion.  

She is the developer of a new integrated evolutionary model of holistic care for emotions, mind, body and spirit called Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing - returning of consiousness to love.

Kim teaches and faciltates from her 30yr experience in healthcare, natural therapies, spiritual psychic healing and personal development from astrology, meditation, yoga, chakra's to tarot and everything inbetween.  Her weatlh of knowledge is also guided by Angelic light beings whom guide her healing, workshops and training sessions. 

Kim's client base reaches worldwide due to her specialized intutive gifts and unique evolutionary information she shares with her clients.

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