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Kids College Queensland

Kids College Queensland Explorama workshops and holiday programs are FUN and EXCITING. The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to work with other like-minded children and immerse themselves in a full day of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. We are committed to delivering the highest quality workshops, while providing students with the opportunity to explore their potential and reach for the stars. Workshops include: science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, environmental studies, robotics, coding, languages and culture, legal studies, writing, illustration, animation and the human body. 

At Kids College Queensland we believe it is important to nurture and nourish all gifts and talents and provide students with an early-stage learning experience in a setting that exudes educational excellence. Kids College Queensland also provides a range of Professional Development opportunities for Educators ranging from Gifted & Talented Education to Philosophy & Thinking Skills. 

The Explorama program has been developed for the problem-solving, creative, intellectual child. Typically, students who attend Explorama have been identified gifted and talented, participate in the acceleration and enrichment programs at their school, and have strong learning abilities and strengths in particular curriculum areas. 

Schools are encouraged to nominate students to participate in any of our programs that would suit the child’s particular strengths and interests. Parents can also nominate their child if they believe they have the capacity to work in a group of high achieving students.

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