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I'm Kiaran Finn the founder of My Business Genie. We're based out of Leederville but our business network extends from Mandurah to Yanchep.


After 12 years as a perennially broke semi professional athlete I graduated into commision sales, selling for a multitude of businesses where you only got paid for results. No holiday pay, sick pay, long service, redundancy.... This taught me the value of making every post a winner - it taught me the value of every lead and that my income had little to do with the product or service I was selling but in the volume and quality (qualified) of my weekly leads (prospects).


I saw a multitude of businesses that I sold for go belly up due in no small part to getting on the wrong side of the lead generation equation. i.e: Cost and volume of lead generation.


After finally jumping into the small business arena and starting my own grown up busines Keypoint Managment Group, taking it from an overdraft to $65 million in sales in 4 years with just 1 staff member I learned first hand the difficulty encountered in producing consistent volumes of leads. I burned $100,000's (literally) with marketing companies who failed to grasp the mix between online and offline lead generation. Hint a pretty well optimised website won't cut it! Eventually we figured it out.


My Business Genie was born out of a 10 year itch - an internal dialogue debating why the obvious and most effective form of lead generation is so ignored - I'm referring to referral, repeat business and affiliate offline marketing.


I realised that most small businesses are on the wrong side of the 80/20 rule. I'm aluding to the fact that 80% of their time, resources and marketing spend are spent on the 20% areas that produce results. of course it should be the other way around and recognising and responding accordingly will produce 6 figure turn arounds for most businesses turning over even as little as $300K - $400K per year.


My Business Genie is on track to be Perth's #1 results based small business network - I'd love to meet with you to see if we can plug you into this 'tipping point' resource.


Our mantra - Dream it! Believe it! Execute it! - Join the revolution!


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