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Kellyville Pets

Here at Kellyville Pets there is always something happening. We host performing chickens and budgies, kids activities, and informative and educational talks on all pet related topics. Kellyville Pets is Sydney's best and biggest pet store with thousands of feathered, furry or scaly friends.

We believe that an educated owner makes a happy pet so we offer a variety of courses that include

  • Puppy and K9 Junior Pre School
  • Addolencent School for Dogs Who Missed Puppy Pre School
  • Nose Work Scent Training
  • Dog Trick School
  • Reptile Courses
  • Parrot Pre School

All of our classes are held on site and indoors at the store in Beaumont Hills/Kellyville which is situated 15 minutes from Castle Hill and about 45 min from Sydney.

Kellyville Pets is open 7 days a week.