Kathryn McEwen, Global Lead, WWR


Kathryn McEwen Managing Director and Consortium Lead

Kathryn leads the Working With Resilience consortium internationally. She is an organisational psychologist, executive coach and mediator with more than 30 years consulting experience across all industry sectors. Her contribution to the profession has been recognised through the award of ‘Fellow’ by the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Organisational Psychologists. She has a special interest in workplace resilience and has authored three books on resilience at work as well as led development of the R@W Toolkit. In addition to workplace resilience, her areas of expertise include leader and team development, coaching and addressing team dysfunction. Kathryn has a strong evidence-base to her work as she collaborates with the University of South Australia through lecturing, student placements, applied research and membership of advisory committees. She serves on a number of Boards and is sought after as a speaker.

Website – www.workingwithresilience.com.au

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