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Want to start over? Ready to say goodbye to the negative life that has been holding you back from your happiness? This workshop offers a way to learn how to do exactly that. The life you felt was just a dream can be created. Feel motivated and ready to start over!

I started my career like most with a big dream and little in my pocket. I completed high-school and worked for 20 years in the corporate administration world. I became a qualified IT systems analyst, business manager, and certified trainer only to discover my passion in life is to inspire others to live their best life in harmony.

Starting Over Coaching is a way I can support and guide others towards who they were always truly destined to be, by teaching the steps that can truly change others lives in a profound way. Say goodbye to fear and hello to the life you always wanted. Following my consultation, workshop or webinar you can decide if you are ready to start over, change your life or simply live your best life with extra empowerment you always knew was possible.

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