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Kate has been walking the path of transformation and healing for ten years. Her devotion to self-transformation has transpired into a path of devotional service. She shares her energy through Yoga, Reiki, Intuitive Massage, Meditation, Colour Therapy, Sound Healing, Personal Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and Writing. 

Kate is a channel, or ‘medium’, whereby she connects with and receives information from the Crystalline Grid of Consciousness, Source Energy, Multi-Dimensional Beings, Archangel (Metatron), Ascended Master (Hilarion), Plant and Animal Spirits, and the Elements of Life. We all have this ability and Kate is very passionate about guiding others in re-discovering this, unlocking their highest potential, vibration and true purpose.

Her intuitive ability also allows her to connect to and interact with the human energy field or Aura, enabling her to facilitate transformation in others. The Aura is the universal vehicle through which we create our experience of reality. It is through this energy field that we have the power to heal ourselves.

By sharing guidance with sound, movement, meditation, colour and Reiki touch Kate is able to facilitate profound transformations in consciousness, resulting in shifts within the physical reality of the person.

Kate began to develop her natural healing ability after a near death experience at the age of 29. She continued her work as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach soon realizing the power of the work being channeled through her. Her practice offers an exploration of the mind, body and spirit connection and potent healing support beyond the limitations of 3D human understanding.

Kate's energy carries the frequencies of Amazonian medicinal plants. In her path of self-transformation she has experienced some deep and very profound journeys in the Amazon with the Shipibo Women and Men participating on many occasions in Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Dietas. Kate began working with and sharing IxCacao in 2015, and just recently returned from a journey to Guatemala, where she expanded and explored with Keith and the Cacao Tribe in her mission to master the elements of Divine Frequency.

Kate has explored the paths and disciplines of yoga, leading her to enhance her psychic gifts of channeling and other intuitive re-connections. Kate has developed a true connection with her soul purpose as a facilitator towards integrating Ascension and the 5th dimensional consciousness. By empowering the inner healer and addressing the inner self, we raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet and thereby ascend fulfilling the greater wish of peace on Earth.



I am being guided by spirit and this honors my Being by channeling its messages in these incredible times as we ascend to new levels of consciousness. I love to share myself and to facilitate people as they too discover their inner divinity and soul purpose. I am grateful for the blessings of grace, joy and abundance on this path of Service.


Thank you Great Spirits,


Thank you Mother Earth,


Thank you Stars and all Elements,


Thank you Plant and Animal Spirits,


Thank you All!




Inlak-ech and Namaste!


Kate Alderman


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