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I am Justine Peacock and I am here to show you how to change your life by 

remembering who you are and why you are here.  I help you expand your 

awareness beyond its current boundaries and connect you with your wisest 

self, your deepest desires, your innate intuitive abilities.  Using Universal 

Energy to cleanse, clarify, balance and transform, you can connect to your 

intuition to discover and live your ultimate life purpose.


As a qualified energetic and intuitive healer and teacher, I offer powerful 

individual sessions along with comprehensive workshops to give you the tools to heal blocks and guide yourself towards a life path you love.


With degrees in energy psychotherapy and law and commerce, plus a 

corporate training and coaching career at an excecutive level, I merge my spiritual and strategic sides in my healing work.


I work with groups and individuals using skills I have developed through my 

energetic psychotherapy degree, chakra training, Reiki, Theta Healing (I am a qualified teacher), Now Healing, Regeneration Healing and Matrix Energetics.

Let me show you just how much wisdom and support you have access to 

instantly and effortlessly. Let me guide and support you to hear and honour the voice of your truth and intuition. The voice of your Soul. 


Let’s start your journey towards connecting with your true self, creating 

meaning and purpose, and transforming your life.

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