Jollie Club

Jasmine Sims and Hollie Ponton formed the club in 2018 with a view of bringing senior women in litigation and insolvency together to get to know each other, offer support to each other, and generally network with each other.

We had a great response and decided to grow the group with inviting senior woman in any sector or profession and have bought Carmen Boothman and Eve Switka into the committee fold to bring bigger and better events to Jollie Clubbers.

We are purposefully without sponsorship as we don’t want to be influenced on who should be invited. As such, most events have a cost attached.

In order to preserve our mission and goals for the club, we run an invite only approach, but welcome nominations to include more women! Nominations are easy, just email us the woman’s name and email address. We’ll then make sure they’ll fit in with our group to ensure our Jollie Clubbers get the most out of every event.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events