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John  LogarHi I’m John Logar and thank you for visiting Make Every Day a Pay Day Master Class Event Page. Essentially I help you target, engage and convert high life time value quality clients that value your expertise, products and services. I help you implement strategies and tactics that will leverage your business that enable you to grow and scale your business. I show you how to price your services based on value not on hourly billings or price driven incentives.

I help you with a proven powerful consultation system that makes it easy for your prospects to sit down with you and seriously consider your recommendations. I show you successful lead generation and marketing strategies that will give you an endless supply of quality clients to work with. The most important thing that I give you is holding you accountable to your desired success as well as unlimited access to my resources knowledge and support.

A little about me

I love inspiring ideas, creativity, and entrepreneurial desire. I like inspiring and helping people grow and build their ideas and move on from blocks that are holding them back. I like innovation and learning new skills. I love marketing. I’m fascinated by the internet and the amazing communication and connection, collaboration, and the creation of concepts and ideas that can have a positive impact on the smallest of things to the global changing capabilities that the internet can have on every aspect of life.

I love the ability to be able to communicate with people all over the world with a click of a button. I love learning from people who have amazing stories or simple ideas and skills that can make life easier. And a whole bunch of other stuff that you’ll learn about me if I have the privilege of meeting you or sharing through my blogs and programs

What do I do

I’m a highly skilled marketer, business strategist, consultant, professional speaker, lead generation and conversion specialist, coach to business owners, consultants and coaches, trainer in marketing strategy and tactics for businesses in any imaginable industry.

What I have done

For the last 23 years as a sales professional, marketing consultant, trainer and coach I’ve helped my clients generate millions of dollars in businesses all around the world in almost every imaginable industry from retail, professional services, manufacturing, trade services, finance, banking, not for profit, engineering, health services, insurance, multimedia, web services, printing, pharmaceutical, food technology, design, automotive industry, travel, fashion, tourism and hospitality etc.

I have had the unique privilege to have conducted over 4000 one on one strategic focus sessions with Managing Directors, CEOs and Entrepreneurs in over 140 different industry groups. In those focus sessions I was able to see how they grew their businesses, what they did to market their businesses, what worked what didn’t work, who their customers were what their strategy and tactics were, their sales processes their metrics for managing their businesses. I have also had the privilege to work and help many of them grow and expand their businesses.

For 20 years I have been a professional speaker delivering keynote presentations, seminars and training programs at several international conferences, business leadership groups, professional business groups, local business meetings, SWAP, BNI, and Rotary. The topics I speak on are business strategy, marketing tactics, lead generation and conversion. My main topics revolve around How to generate more clients. How to help your clients’ increase their investment in your products and services and how to have them buy more often and refer like-minded clients to your business.

I’ve had the privilege to have articles published in business magazines industry journals, newspapers, guest editor of a business magazine. I have appeared on radio and television commenting on business and industry specific trends. I’ve been interviewed on several business and marketing podcasts talking about offline and online marketing strategies and tactics.     

What some people say about me

John is an inspiration to anybody needing great business advice and direction. If you’re looking for self-belief and real strategies that work and are appealing to your marketplace…look no further!

In learning about ourselves in business, we need to deal with real people who are knowledgeable, content professionals and especially sincere in what they espouse…I highly recommend John Logar…a great partner in business but more importantly…a good man

Terry Madden Managing Director Madden MDI   


You know a recommendation is spot on if it stands the test of time and appears unsolicited. Both of those attributes fit this recommendation. I am remiss in recommending John before this, so let me make it up now.

John is good. Very,very, good at helping organizations ‘find themselves’ and to get to the right market with the right products and presence, to be seen and to grow.

John will not do the work for you. He will however give the tools, the maps, the tips, and some examples of others that have fallen into holes along the way, and the ones that have changed disasters into successes, so that you might avoid the pitfalls and emulate the successes. He is in touch with his audience and can help you see the way forward for your desired destination. Definitely someone to put on your ‘I need to meet this guy’ list

David Watson

Managing Director

Industry Travel Asia

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