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John Driscoll, Business Growth Sales Trainer

I’ve trained more than 15,000 sales people ... and with 27 years’ experience in sales and 14 years’ experience as a business owner – I've learnt what works with integrity and velocity.

After delivering sales training for more than a decade, I can speak from first-hand relevance, candour, and with an open heart about what works and what’s different in today’s selling environment.

The lessons I continue to learn are truthful and at times brutal for a seasoned guy like myself to learn; and they’re on offer to you with transparency and honesty ... sprinkled light-hearted humour to accelerate the learning and personal change needed.

Peace of mind is my core promise to you. Your business numbers will grow in a noticeable and measured way.

I believe that human interactions are a timeless and an irreplaceable part of business, no matter how fast technology moves around us.

Social Selling and the balance of human interaction is my area of expertise. The programs I deliver focus on the inclusion of the soft skills - communication, empathy, and understanding - that ensure your sales drive your business.

In sales, words must become numbers that everyone agrees with!

I understand that real results are vital for you and your business. I have directly contributed to double-digit compound growth for my clients for more than a decade, and I take a hands-on approach to injecting business acumen with the people I share time with.

You will be more effective at the end of this one day than you expect from a training program – because it’s real and applicable. 

If uncertain if this event is right for you send me a message with your contact details and we’ll organise a time to have a 10-minute chat to understand more about this event and other events on offer.

In-house Programs Available Upon Request

Look forward to speaking with you soon,

John Driscoll

0404 857 814

 A Timeline of John’s Experience



  • First sales training & direct selling in the Recession of 1990


  • Sales Manager in Real Estate. Age 23


  • Closed $2m cash deal with Ken Done. Age 24


  • # 1 Sales Person in ICT B2B Sales



  • Full-time self-employed Sales Trainer


  • Published Author, "The Sales Warrior Within You"


  • Wrote & Delivered Cert IV in B2B Sales


  • Roll-out to 850 News Ltd Sales People



  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)


  • 15,000+ Sales People Trained


  • Social Selling and Direct Selling Blended Method Delivery


  • "John Driscoll" branding launched, after 12 years of Sales Warriors
  • Tangible Results within Business Growth Delivered Everytime
  • Full time sales trainer and active sales person



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