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Jo Behlau

From her very first Nia class, when she was invited to let her inner child out to dance, Jo let go of her mind-based inhibitions and truly “danced like no-one’s watching”. In that moment she knew there was something extremely magical about what Nia can bring to people’s lives and it became her passion to share the many gifts of Nia with others.


Jo Behlau is a licensed Brown Belt Nia Technique Instructor. She teaches Classic Nia, 5-Stages, MoveIT & Moving to Heal Nia classes, facilitates somatic educational workshops and conducts private body-mind movement & healing sessions for adults and children. 


Jo’s gift is being able to integrate the wisdom of Nia with her education in psychology, background in vocational education and training, and skills as an energy healer, to form a unique wellness approach to stimulate change and positive transformation in the lives of those she attracts.

She is passionate about helping move into their greatness, and coaches a team of energetic, motivated, inspiring women in how to earn extra money, working part-time on their own health and wellnes business. Helping others make the most out of the Young Living Lifestyle, Jo facilitates business and self development programs, educating and inspiring others to work towards creating their dream lifesyle. 


Founder of the “Clear the Crap” Method for de-cluttering physical, emotional & energetic realms, Jo helps people move out of confusion and confilict in their lives, into clarity and the ability to move forward with a clear vision, taking steps to be the best they can be. 



Jo has found her way of living life from a consciousness that enables her to be truly happy in each and every moment. She enjoys exploring ways to creatively share this JOy with others.



“I feel the passion that you have for Nia and it is contagious. You have a way of leading others with such grace and joy that it feels great to be sharing a little of you each time I have been with you. You are an inspiration and I look forward to continuing being involved in your blooming and growing. Thanks for sharing your talent, enthusiasm and joy with me and all others.”
DARLENE, Newmarket

“To dance with Jo… is to let everything go and know JOY.”
KERRYN, Ferny Hills

“I really enjoyed the freedom to move my body the way that it wanted to go! The focus is on my body’s needs, a complete workout for body and mind”
YOLANDA, Arana Hills

“Jo has a relaxed style which allows you to find your movement & stretch all your muscles” 
SHERREE, Ferny Hills

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. It combined all my secret dance desires into one very spirited exercise class. I’ve always wanted to bellydance, be a ballerina and a yoga and tai chi student. Lots of fun and it really unwinded my body and mind” 
LOUISE, Samford

“It was much more invigorating and refreshing than I thought it would be. A wonderful experience. Thanks heaps Jo.”
TERRI, Everton Hills

“Thank you Jo for a fantastic workout. You are inspiring and encouraging, allowing your class to feel very comfortable in their movement. I had lots of fun.”
DONNIE, Samford

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