Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia (JCMA)

The Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia (JCMA) is a Victorian based organization established in 2003, which aims to enable people who belong to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities to deepen their understanding of one another's faith traditions in Australia today by meeting, engaging with and learning from one another.

We co-operate to promote interfaith dialogue and encounter each other as people of faith and integrity living in Australia. We discover many shared religious values, as well as much variation, both within and between our faiths. We aim to strengthen our own and the public’s commitment to the significance of community participation, freedom of religion, diversity, and respect for each others faith in public discourse and to encourage the active involvement of people of faith in the contemporary Australian context. We are people working in community support roles, tertiary students, laywomen and laymen, religious leaders and academics, with differing amounts of religious and interfaith experience sharing similar goals.

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