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Jessica is a qualified psychologist and hypnotherapist, with a passion for coaching and motivational work. 

Using holistic evidence based approaches, Jessica believes in really getting to the bottom of things, helping to remove and release blocks in women's lives and creating long lasting positive change.

Along with Jessica's professional qualifications, she brings to her work a humour, authenticity, a down to earth, 'keeping it real' based approach. Having attended many tough lessons with the school of life, she is able to connect easily with women from all walks of life. 

 She's engaging, passionate about creating lasting change, and believes in equipping her clients with autonomy and practical skills they can use to live a more authentic life, with conscious intention, clarity and insight. She is able to help identify blocks that could be holding her clients back from reaching there goals and being themselves and assists them to create longterm change.

  • Registered Psychologist 

  • Hypnotherapist. 

  • Motivational Interviewing. 

  • Jack of all trades!

  • Jessica brings postgraduate psychology qualifications with her, being a qualified psychologist and hypnotherapist, with a passion for coaching and motivational work. 

    Jessica has over ten years industry experience which has included working across the lifespan with youth mental health, schools, adults and sensible aging programs. She has worked in many leading practices, Government roles and is the principal psychologist of practical psychology solutions and counselling. 


Jessica is an australian psychologist and motivational counsellor/coach with a passion for helping women remove emotional blocks and create lasting change. i She is all about 'the how'' and ''keeping it real'. She likes to help people find the true them and live as an authentic version of themselves while ensuring they are set up for success for reaching there goals. 

Jessica grew up in rural Australia and comes from a migrant family. She is efficient, humorous, blunt, candid and engaging. 

Jessica has been through many of life's bumps and through these experiences was able to connect with her higher self and now helps other women do this through her expereinces, training and evidence based psychological theory.

She is passionate about holistic approaches to wellbeing and has a knack for efficently getting to the core of the issue and helping women create lasting change.

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