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Jeff Muir - That's Easy Learning

If you want something different, entertaining, challenging and above all, a training that really works then welcome along.
You will leave Jeff Muir’s events and get results immediately and here’s why. After 33 years as an educator, he has cracked the code and produced a stunning breakthrough.
He has created a methodology called “Teach Once Learn Twice” that is so simple and effective you can’t fail to get results.
Jeff has a very colourful background as a farmer, adventure horse riding tour operator, property investor, entrepreneur, and business educator. He has been crashing through traditional brick walls of what’s possible in creating leaders in business and he is focussed on his mission of “Transforming All Relationships.”
He is a man of passion, very down to earth, grounded and emotionally available. As an active member of a men’s group, he is committed to mentoring men through the stages of their lives.
Jeff lives in Sydney and is the proud parent of two adult children and one grandchild. 
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