Jay Collier - Photographers Collective

Jay Collier is a renowned photographer and educator from Melbourne Australia and part of the Photographers Collective made up of Australia's leading photographic education, workshop and tour guides.

With over 22 years working in the professional photographic industry in Australia, Jay has recently finished up after 14 years working for Canon Australia as the Consumer Experience Manager of Canon Collective for the past 8 years having run thousands of workshops and tours all over Australia and overseas. Jay previously managed Canon Professional Services (CPS) for 6 years, Nikon Professional Services (NPS) before his time at Canon and held positions with Olympus and Kodak before that.

Jays experience spans across all aspects of photography and is specialised in teaching all levels of photography from beginners all the way to advanced professionals.

Jays speciality is wildlife photography having hosted photographic safaris through Africa over the past 16 years as well as landscape, commercial, studio and lighting to name a few.

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