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Jason Schoolmeester

EntreprenursNT is about helping individuals and groups put their ideas into action.  We believe that entrepreneurs can change the world, in fact they have been doing it for centuries. So that is what we want to do: change the world by helping you to be an entrepreneur. By connecting people, sharing stories and acting on ideas.


Whenever we meet someone who has an idea and followed it through we are inspired.  Not all the stories start or end with financial success, but the one constant with all of these stories is the courage, the conviction and the PASSION of the individuals involved, of these entrepreneurs.  Every venture, no matter how small, is worthwhile.

My name is Jason Schoolmeester, and I’m the creator and writer here.  I’m married and about to have my first kid. I live in Darwin in the Northern Territory.  Read more: My story.

Connect with us on Twitter or email us at info [at] entrepreneursnt [dot] com [dot] au.


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