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Janine le Roux

I'm so excited your here and wanting to learn more.

Here's a little bit about me and why I totally love Essential Oils. 

When I was pregnant with baby number 3 I was struggling with many things lack of sleep, stress, insomnia, reflux and extremely tired. I'm not too surprised, I was working full time and have a totally gorgeous but super exuberant toddler.

I was trying to find ways to support myself and came across some information shared on a website by Leonie Dawson (google her, she does some amazing worklife books every year for goal setting) about how Essential Oils had supported her. I also have a very dear friend called Morag who has used Essential Oils and Flower Essences for years. So I called her to check in first and then bought my first Home Essentials Kit through Leonie Dawson.

And I fell in love....... totally fell in love with essential oils. They have supported me through the final days of pregnancy, and then with a new born. I find I sleep better, have learnt to manage anxiety and tension and am just all round going from strength to strength empowering my health and my family's health.

I love how I can just use a few simple drops of Lemon mixed in vinegar & water for cleaning. Or if I really can't settle I mix up a solution of Lavender & Vetiver and rub that on my feet to settle and sleep.

Amazing, Beautiful and Empowering xx

A bit about my background, I'm originally from South Africa and live in Australia for almost 11 years. I have a hunky 21 year old son from a previous marriage and have a toddler & baby with my now current partner.

I work in recruitment and have over 13 years experience in career guidance, staffing solutions and supporting people through a massive transition in their lives while they are looking for a new career opportunity.  I'll definitely be suggesting Essential Oils to help manage feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm that can come when looking for a new job. Also there are some great oils that can help assist memory recall and energy...... that would be great too.

There is so much more I would love to share with you.

Please join me at one of my oily workshops to experience these beautiful oils for yourself.

Reach out..... you will love including the power of essential oils in your life.

Love Janine xox

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