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Janette Ishiyama

Are your confused about how to create smart casual outfits that reflect your leadership brand and position?

Hi, I'm Janette Ishiyama the founder of Image Consultants and Personal Branding Expert.

Now, more than ever we are on DISPLAY. Every style decision you make is an opportunity to express a quality of your leadership image.

As a professional woman what you wear affects you more than you realise. It affects how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror every day, it affects your confidence and how you perform in meetings with colleagues and it affects the way you talk and behave with clients and peers.

Having delivered over 300 corporate workshops and styled over 3000 professional women I can say with certainty that when women dress to reflect who they really are, their confidence skyrockets and that's when they do their best work.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at, "The Art of Self Packaging For Success" workshop and showing you a way where you can get dressed every morning with no decision fatigue, walk out the door in under three minutes feeling confident, authentic and empowered.

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