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Jacqueline Hofste

Jacqueline ​has a masters degree in Physics and spend years in research followed by a career in the corporate business world. She understands how to leverage science and intuition to work with teams so they excel under challenging circumstances.  With her unique skills set she has developed thriving team cultures for businesses around the world on global transformation projects, mentoring programs and innovation projects. 


In her recent years she has studied the human energy body and the concept of archetypal imprints within people's psyche. This is equipped her with an ancient and contemporary skills set to get to the bottom of deep seeded expressions of personal drives, passion and sources of power and creativity. By understanding these unique and personal patterns, people can discover previously untapped strengths and insights into their life and so become masters of their own destiny.


Her clients develop access to their own inate imprint of creativty and power, far beyond their current sphere of experience. She knows how to uncover blind spots and discover super powers by revealing what is seemingly unknown to begin with. Her clients can lift emotional blockages, free themself from self sabotage, destress their life and increase their energy levels, so life becomes more exciting, more balanced and authentic.


Jacqueline loves seeing people’s relief and joy as they break through perceived boundaries and open up to their true capabilities - so they can achieve goals they previously thought were out of their reach. Her approach is fresh and brings a new way of managing the modern life and its unforseen challenges; combining the scientific approach with intuition and contemporary methods. 

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