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ISDF Victoria 2018

As one of the Indonesian student groups in Victoria, we had always been waiting a moment to gather with all Indonesian students from different universities, origins, majors, and interests. All these different backgrounds represent diverse ways and perspectives in seeing Indonesia. We think it will be very interesting to have a various and rich discussion beyond our own interest and expertise. 


We, Indonesian students who come from distinct backgrounds and various student’s organisations (Australia Awards Scholars Club (AASC), PPIA - University of Melbourne, and Awardee Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) in Victoria, Australia) have initiated to organise Indonesian Students Discussion Forum (ISDF). In this event, we received thirty-nine (39) abstracts from Indonesian undergraduate and postgraduate students and after undergo selection process, we selected nine (9) abstracts that can be presented in this event.    We hope this initiative will invite fresh ideas and unite our collaborations and brings solution for the problem faced by Indonesia.


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