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Hey, my name's Irene. I'm a Graphic Designer for healers, life-coaches and conscious change-makers.

My experience with emotional manipulation in close relationships has given me strong interest in helping those in similar situations. To step-out and see a situation for what it is.

I have a lifetime and intense 5-year experience navigating control and manipulation in both parental and romantic relationships. 

When you're in a relationship in which you're being manipulated, emotionally or psychologically abused it is difficult to recognise.

I stepped-out of my situations through significant intrapersonal exploration and questioning.

You should not feel “stuck” or scared of someone close to you. Feeling stuck and scared is not what love feels like!

I've followed a life-long interest in psychology, communication and inner-work. Using all I've learnt to benefit and build on those around me. I thrive on empowerment and seeing transformation in others.

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