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Ioanna Serpanos - Medium & Mentor

Ioanna Serpanos is a Medium and Mentor who is deeply passionate about supporting and sharing knowledge with her community of developing mediums, psychics and spiritual business owners. Often referred to as a magical realist, Ioanna combines years of corporate experience (as an automotive engineer and business executive), with her intuitive birthright giving you structured and grounded teachings.

Ioanna's personal philosophy is "less woo - more do" and believes that in order to be effective, both the left and right parts of the brain need to be engaged. Her workshops and events are jam-packed with information and practical exercises to support your journey. Her point of difference is that she provides individual personalised development plans tailored to highlight your natural ability whilst supporting growth to complete your development.

Her latest book "Giving Spirit a Voice - the mechanics of mediumship" has become a must have for all developing and teaching mediums and is available to purchase on her website and Amazon worldwide.