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Inspired Results: Coaching Academy

At the core of everything we do is summed up perfectly by this quote from the Dalai Lama “The planet does not need more successful people, it needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds”

We firmly believe that to do this, we need quality people who want to make a difference to peoples lives who have the tools to do such powerful work. We deliver the very best technology, tools and techniques that makes these changes possible.

Inspire the world to be a better place, one coach at a time.

Our vison is to train 400 coaches that will have an impact on the world through education, life coaching, leadership & personal development. Our graduates will be at the forefront of human change psychology and be certified in multiple disciplines that give them to tools to improve the lives of others and the skills to run their own profitable business.

We train the most comprehensive coaching techniques to those who love to help transform people’s lives, starting with you.

Each step of the way you experience the tools and techniques in a safe & supervised environment to ensure you have the personal foundations to deliver coaching and therapy models that achieve client’s goals consistency & predictability.

We will do this by supporting our graduates to ensure their long-term business success while they live their passion & intrinsic desire to help people. By providing this service, people are able to become an in-demand coach who can help people while having the freedom with their time & income.

We are also be dedicated to consistent & continuous learning and development of our own skills.


We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive training to our graduates that allow them to be successful & knowledgeable

We support each graduate to ensure their success… their success is our success

Each of the trainings, techniques, methods, modalities and tools we teach are designed with results in mind for the practitioner and their client.

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