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Inland Concert Series

INLAND is a concert series of Australian exploratory music, spanning notated, improvised, electroacoustic, popular and interdisciplinary practices - aiming to locate manifestations of the experimental and antagonistic impulse without regard to guild nor discipline, and inviting creators spanning diverse sound-based practices to a shared performance context. Whilst also serving as a context for work by international artists, INLAND’s curatorial principles maintain a narrow temporal and (almost parochial) geographical focus on the work of living Australian artists.

INLAND aims to create a unique space in the wider context of the new music landscape - one where concerts and performers are not framed in terms of particular technical approaches (notated as distinct from improvised, acoustic as distinct from electronic) or considered primarily through the lens of genre, thereby standing in constructive and complementary relation to its musical, artistic, and ideological neighbors.

To date INLAND has hosted over 50 performances across Australia, and featured the work of over 150 Australian and international artists, including: Chris Abrahams, Oren Ambarchi, Natasha Anderson, Jessica Aszodi, Chiri, Peter Evans, Will Guthrie, Michael Kieran Harvey, Jessika Kenney,Okkyung Lee, Evelyn Ida Morris, and Anthony Pateras.

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