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Ilana Kosakiewicz

Ilana is a passionate kinesiologist, yoga teacher and mindfullness wellbeing enthuisast who’s life purpose evolved from a 12 year career as a CPA chartered accountant in the utilities industry.

As a perfectionist, workaholic people-pleaser with a constant go-go lifestyle, she found it hard to draw the line between work and play. Having pushed her emotions and sense of self out of the way, the stress of this lifestyle eventually impacted my emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Resulting in chronic fatigue and lymes disease.

On a two-year healing journey she found a new life's mission in educating, inspiring and empowering others to understand their unconscious habits and patterns, own their health, understand energy, movement, mindset, emotions, to learn self-awareness and to practise self-care. 

Ilana encourages her clients and students to find their own lifestyle that brings them joy, passion, nourishment and love for this is key to an energetic and authentic life.