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Icastica Choreography


by Elena Osalde

The concept Icastica comes from ancient Greek εἰκαστικός. Evocative of an incisive, memorable image rich in meaning.

Icastica Choreography offers a platform to explore rich but organic choreography dancers bring from within to engage audiences and strengthen a sense of belonging.

(Spanish version)
Como adjetivo icástica significa natural, sin disfraz, ni adorno. Icástica Choreography prentende emprender proyectos que tengan una apróximación natural a la danza, que refleje lo mejor que cada uno puede dar...


Elena Osalde was introduced to ballet at an early age in Mexico. She later studied jazz and contemporary dance with the Cuban choreographer Jorge Lizaso, as well as jazz and tap from the musical theatre choreographer Roberto Ayala. In Australia, Elena undertook a Certificate in Dance and Performance at Dance Factory. Her curiosity for new ways of movement drove her to explore contemporary dance with Chunky Move. Elena holds a Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management, a Creative Teaching Diploma at Mangala Studios and has been an active dancer and choreographer of the Flare Dance Company since 2012.

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