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Ian J Lowe

I am the Founder & CEO of eccoh, a sales performance, coaching and consulting organisation pioneering a movement to change the way the world thinks about success in sales and business.

With a career spanning almost 30-years I am proud to say my entire professional life has been lived in sales where I have enjoyed success as a result of my own efforts, as a member of high performing teams and by building and leading high performing teams.

If I've learned anything in my career it's that giving is the key to success in sales, in business and in life. To be clear, when I say giving I mean being constantly and consistently focused on creating value for others. Having said that, being a successful giver also requires us to stay open to the receiving part, which unfortunately is something that many of us struggle with. That's a real problem because giving and receiving are simply two sides of the very same coin and they work in tandem.

To focus on one while trying to minimise the other is really an exercise in futility because every giving is made possible only because it's also a receiving. And every receiving is made possible only because it's also a giving. This is the natural flow of human interaction in sales, in business and in life, however if you close yourself off to the the receiving part you're undermining your own success.

This unique workshop has been designed to overcome this problem by sharing the power and practice of reciprocity. I hope you can join us and become part of this exciting movement.

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