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How we help you:

Hypa provides transformational experiences and results through our
intuitive training and consulting environment.


We help you create space in your life to make powerful decisions
that affect you and the people that you love.


We help you to live a more purposeful existence and attract
the things into your life that bring you joy, laughter and fulfilment.


Choose a life that has meaning, and makes you happy.

You want to live a more meaningful and happy life because you deserve to, and because you
care about the people around you that you love and are special to you. 


Just as important, these people deserve the best version of you showing up each day – whether it be at work, at home or in the community.


Today, you can begin the shift to a more intuitive and purposeful version of you.

Today, you can begin to live a life better than your dreams. 



Mark Pereira

Founder - Hypa Global

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