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Heidi Williams

Following the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome at age 17, prolonged feelings of depression and anxiety and feeling misunderstood, lost and disconnected in this modern world, I experienced an intense feeling of purpose and a deep, passionate calling to facilitate healing in others. This strong inner knowing combined with seership and mediumship abilities led me on my spiritual path. 


I completed my university studies in BSc Hons Psychology, immersed myself in the practice of yoga and meditation and developed my mediumship abilities.  I knew that there was a power, an intelligence and a force of nature that held the key to my healing and that this healing could be brought through for others.

Finally in 2010 this sacred healing work found me.  Since then I have been going through a profound purification process at a cellular and core genetic level clearing years of old emotional trauma, fatigue, illness and conditioning. This opened up a deeper connection for me with a higher universal intelligence or ‘Great Spirit’ and a high transmission of sacred, healing energy started to pump through me deepening my healing abilities. 


I have trained for 11 years and have been initiated into this ancient and powerful form of pre-celtic healing under the guidance of my teacher and mentor Ger Lyons, a renowned celtic spiritual healer and teacher, metaphysicist, alchemist and mystic from Ireland.  I have been facilitating this work for 4 years and feel truely grateful to be able to be of service to facilitate deep healing and transformation in others and to light the way and empower others to experience that real, deep connection for themselves.