Haunted Hills Podcast


Ever wonder about small towns the people who lived there what they did for work, recreation and social? That's history of small towns we talk about that. Then we also look at crimes, legends and ghost, some you might have heard and some we have found through people or research. Haunted Hills looks at an overview of this to get a feel for a town through the people.

We became fascinated by small towns because of the Haunted Hills. This is a place where the hills rumble and cows won’t stay – it inspires us. The podcast is named after these hills as is our first episode. We have busted out of our small town with the medium of podcasting and reaching other small-town lovers. Our stories can entertain and inspire more people! Anyone can download a podcast and enjoy where ever they are, or if they have the nerve to listen on location. More stories of other small towns featuring their history, crime and paranormal are coming. While many will feature Gippsland because I love it and it is open for business. There are other small towns with just as fascinating histories. People love small towns, the community, the drama, and the scenery. Through this podcast, hopefully, you too will fall in love with small towns like we do.

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