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Green Left

In a desperately unequal world facing a climate emergency, everyone has to pick a side.

Our side is — and always will be — that of the 99%.

Our goal is not only to expose the lies, hypocrisy and bias of the billionaire class and their media: we seek to help the organising efforts of all those actively resisting the increasingly authoritarian rule of the corporate rich, here and overseas.

Only by mobilising people power against the power of big money do we have a hope of winning a democratic, environmentally and socially just future.

Green Left's aim is to both help build movements of resistance as well as an anti-capitalist political alternative. By providing a space for progressive ideas and debates, linking issues, campaigns and activists, we let people know how they can join with others to take action.

An ecologically, socially just world is impossible under capitalism. Our goal is an ecosocialist world, run by and for people.

Green Left receives no corporate funding. Green Left is a 100% people-powered project and as such survives on the contributions and generosity of our supporters.