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Graham Minchin

Have you ever been inspired by a great speaker? Do you wish you could inspire others too? Maybe you don't feel confident speaking in front of people... well, you're not alone. We all started like that.

Public speaking is like any skill - if you practice, you get better.

Our club is fun and dynamic! People of all ages, from different nationalities, come along and they find a vibrant group of people that share their ideas, build up each other's confidence and get lots of guidance and support from the pros.

We have a Launchpad Program that takes you on a journey from your start, to eventually chairing a meeting and giving longer speeches! Each step in the program teaches and reinforces a skill. Each week we have a different club member chair the meeting (when they are ready), and different accredited coach who gives us feedback on what we did well, what we can improve upon and some tips and techniques we can all benefit from.

Who knew learning could be so much fun?! Our club has a casual, friendly vibe and is not focused on business and networking (although, what you learn from Rostrum will help you with those areas). Members really enjoy watching people grow and develop, and helping people become more and more confident.