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The world is a tough place when you are learning to adult. Part of that struggle comes from the desire to find yourself, figure out what will make you happy, find your purpose and design a life that benefits others.


Irrespective of whether you are likely to find your happiness as a Barista, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Builder, Parent, Sock Designer, Prime Minister or Superhero the real objective is to fulfil your potential and be the best person you can be.


Whilst formal education gives you some tools to unleash your potential – it is not enough. You need to step out of your comfort zone, learn from those that have walked in your shoes, create your opportunities and take control of your future.


What you really need is an effective skills toolbox. One which will help you unleash your potential in any work situation and make you stand out from the crowd!


Skills, which do not only enable you to ‘get sh*t done’ in the workplace but will also empower you to achieve more. Think communication, problem solving, career management, personal branding, career development, emotional intelligence, leadership, networking, resilience and more.


That is what generationYOU does. It gives you the tools to get the job you really want. Then be awesome at it.

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