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Gambling Screening Training

Are you a counsellor or clinician wanting to know more about how to screen for problem gambling? If you see people for drug or alcohol dependency or mental health conditions, it is possible your client is also dealing with an underlying issue of problem gambling that is perhaps going undetected.

Research indicates that 58% of problem gamblers also have an alcohol or other drugs issue, and 38% have mental health conditions. To address the impact of problem gambling on the community, it is important for clinicians to start screening and to have the tools and approaches to do so.

Free training is now being offered to provide clinicians with the tools to help screen and identify people who are experiencing gambling problems. The training covers:

  • characteristics of problem gambling
  • the relationship with substance use and mental health
  • Problem Gambling Severity Index
  • the use of brief interventions
  • and practice-based strategies.