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Gail Rogerson

Gail Rogerson is an mBIT Coach and mBIT Trainer and brings a unique style to her workshops.  Gail has understood the importance of being resourceful from an early age.  Having lived on 4 continents and with vast career experiences she understands the different business models and styles.  With her experience and networking experience, Gail has the ability to communicate with people from differing cultures and backgrounds.  Gail leads from the heart and facilitates her workshops with compassion, creativity and courage.   Gail will be the first one to admit that sometimes life throws some curveballs and everything you know can be forgotten in an instant.  However, that is all part of being human!

In her Australian 25+ year adventure, Gail has been a Director of various companies and operated franchises and other small businesses. She has worked with over 100 small business companies assisting business owners in their business, thus allowing them to focus more on their business and passions that they enjoy.  Gail is is passionate about traditional and non traditional business models like network marketing and brings with her expertise a mindset which comes from having taken the steps herself so she walks the walk and talks the talk. Being a better business owner than employee and experiencing with many business owners the issues they face on a daily business, Gail has the experience and knowledge to assist people in developing their passion and dream and setting it up the right way, to ensure they get a return from their investments and knowing their systems and admin requirements are being taken care of.  

Gail's passion is to enable people to appreciate their gifts and to discover their true inner talents and skills and to assist them to empower themselves in their daily lives.  Gail believes that we can all do this, and sometimes it can be daunting to take the steps required in the journey of being a human becoming! 

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