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Gabriel Sol

Gabriel’s journey in this tantric system of yoga began with an intensive traditional learning & initiation at Shri Kali Tantra Ashram in India. During this time he qualified as a Kaula Tantra Yoga Teacher (certified 500 hours ‘Yoga Alliance’ Teacher Training). Gabriel has practised a range of modern yoga systems over the last 15 years and completed a Hatha Teacher Training with the Himalayan Yoga Institute (Rishikesh, India) as well as intensive training with a second tantra lineage - Mahasiddha Yoga (Rishikesh, India). 

His life-long exploration of movement and spirituality includes practicing as a Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist, 5 Rhythm Dance Therapy, Brazilian Capoeira, Korean Tae Kwon Do & Energy Healing from Japanese lineages. Gabriel holds a Masters degree, focusing on common global values that are expanding human consciousness.

Gabriel’s Kaula Tantra teacher, Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha, was initiated from a young age in the science of Tantra and uniquely received this knowledge from two complimentary streams of Tantra. He was immersed in Tantric science by his grandparents who were right-hand tantrics (Dakṣiṇa Marga) & was also the last initiated student of a traditional lefthand tantric (Vāma Marga) ācārya.

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