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Is a niche hard working,  lead from the front consulting firm based in Australia with a presence in Melbourne and Perth. Established in 2012 we hit the ground running with a direct approach to finding success by listening to clients issues and developing individual solutions and help support teams communicate with the same transparency that Management requires to get the job done.
FZ Consulting has helped businesses grow by simplifying their business and sales model, therefore increasing productivity and sales.
FZ Consulting partners with businesses to:
  • Create better market awareness - so they become a trusted advisers to  their clients.
  • Develop business/sales processes and strategies -that will enable you to increase productivity therefore sales.
  • Help management teams create communication strategies to increase staff productivity


Help companies and individuals achieve excellence in their industies by partnering with them and providing them tailored solutions. 


Frank Ziovas is the Principle consultant of FZ Consulting, he has over 20 years sales and marketing experience working in the fields of Telecommunications, I.T and Consumer Electronics.


Frank’s sales success has come from understanding why people buy together with his consultative approach to selling has helped him close Millions of dollars in sales.


He dealt with some of the top 1000 companies both within Australia and Overseas.


While working as a sales director it allowed him to successfully implement Sales and Marketing strategies to allow Zio Tech to compete on a global scale with companies like Jawbone, Jabra, and Blueant and secure a 15% market share within the US and a 30% with the Australian and NZ markets over a period of 12 months.


Frank was able to create $2.9 Million dollar business from $0 dollars within 24 months, by developing a simplified sales process together with the understanding of why people really buy.


Frank’s philosophy is - the only way to succeed in business is by having the right people work with you to achieve a common goal, creating and building strong relationships with your customers/partners by providing them with the right solution and being a trusted adviser for their business.


While working with Zio Tech, Frank gained a stronger understanding of developing channels partnerships, marketing, logistics/distribution and operations of a multinational company.


Frank has sold into Government departments and dealt with large corporate accounts within the Australian and the NZ Market and established strong relationships with a number of key customers and partners like City Care NZ, Babcock Brown, Palm US, Palm Australia, Wellington City Council, HTC, Microsoft, Gen-I, Telecom New Zealand just to name a few.


Frank is a trusted adviser to CEO’s and Sales Directors of multinational companies (SMM International) and Zendesk


Frank will share with you his philosophy on consultative selling together with the phycology of why people really buy and help you close deals quicker while maintaining strong relationships with your clients.







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