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Friends of the Birth Centre

Friends of the Birth Centre (FBC) is a not for profit association run by mums who have experienced firsthand the benefits of midwifery led continuity of care in the security of a birth centre environment and have been inspired by their experience to work to ensure this amazing model of care continues to be available to future generations of mothers . 

FBC exists for two main reasons - 

1.  to increase access to birth centres - we believe every woman should have access to continuity of carer in a homelike setting no matter her risk status or postcode so we want more birth centres (we are active consumer reps and have direct meetings with politicians and hospital staff).

2.  to enhance the experience of the birth centre for our mums – We do this by fundraising to provide equipment for the birth centres such as aromatherapy facilities, birthing and baby care library, birth stools, furniture and linen. We also provide newsletters to our members, manage a Facebook group and most importantly we actively bring families together through our morning tea program and antenatal information evenings with guest speakers and on-going support and friendship.  


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