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Freedom Property


Join our community of property investors who come together to learn about the latest strategies, tactics and other insights to build wealth and equity.

On average, our investors purchase between 2 to 5 properties every 12 months.


My name is Nick and over the past 3 years I have been able to purchase 12 investment properties.

I had purchased and sold properties in the past, but I decided that there must be a better way than how "mainstream" investors were going about it.

So, I searched for 12 months before landing on a property strategy and connecting with a property research specialist who had purchased 20 properties in 5 years and retired before age 30.

Over the last 3 years I have successfully implemented these strategies.

Today I am a member of Freedom Property Investors, a powerful group of professional investors who get exclusive access to properties that are never advertised and always sold for BELOW MARKET VALUE.

This is achieved through the power of GROUP BUYING and accessing the select few properties that developers set aside known as "early presales".

Our community even bypasses traditional realestate agents so there are even more savings.

Our group is led by a retired actuary.

This amazing 30 year old is Lianna Pan, and she has a unique talent. Before retiring at the age of 30 she was a trained actuary.

An actuary is a specialist in maths and statistics who help major insurers figure out who to insure and the premiums they should pay.

She literally spent her days analysing complex data, and making accurate predictions.

So when she turned her skills to the property market, what do you think happened?

Well, everyone knows the fastest way to wealth is buying in high growth locations, buying cashflow positive properties and buying them at a deep discount.

Lianna worked out how to find these gems way before anyone else.

She uncovered six key signs that indicate a suburb is about to explode, and which houses will be the fastest movers in them.

Combining Australia's best property research with the power of GROUP BUYING has allowed me to set myself up for millions in retirement.

Today, it is my goal to share these strategies with others who, like me, may not have had the investment education and mentors needed to succeed in property investment.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with you soon. Everyone is welcome.

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