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Four Winds Reiki

I'm Julie Abrahams. I'm a facilitator of transformation and the founder of Four Winds Reiki.

One of my greatest pleasures in life is to introduce people to Reiki and show them how to connect with horses in a way that supports mutual healing and trust based partnership.

I've combined my deep love for horses with many years working with Reiki, natural healing and complementary therapies, to create a unique range of courses and retreats designed for people like you who also feel called to heal and connect more deeply with horses.

My personal mission is to help others tap into their innate ability to heal, tune into their own deeper wisdom, and to reawaken their spirit, to realise the connection they crave with animals, they already have.

Since beginning my Reiki journey I have helped hundreds of women discover their own inner strength, how to cultivate feelings of inner peace and personal harmony, to not only survive traumatic experiences, but how to heal from the experience and truly thrive, feel inspired, happy and connected to life.

Through Reiki, I have also helped many hundreds of horses to heal from traumatic events, neglect, abuse injury and illness.

I believe that horses often come into our lives to guide and heal us. Tuning in to their extraordinary healing capacity while reawakening our own is a life changing experience that can deepen our understanding of ourselves and others.

Horses can take us on another deeper journey, to the realms of healing, awareness and soul growth. When you connect with them in the meditative realm of Reiki they can teach you how to develop your understanding of Reiki, and how to connect more deeply with all of nature by showing you how to work with Reiki.

As we learn from the wisdom of the horse, we develop our intuition and create new possibilities for our lives, how to bring more joy, more peace and more health and happiness into our lives.

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