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Fiona Wilks

I am Fiona Wilks a mama of two boys and an expressive arts therapist living with my boys and husband in Lennox Head, Australia. My love for pregnancy and self-development has lead me to create Nest: a nourishing space for women to celebrate the joy and depth of pregnancy using creative expression therapy. I found pregnancy to be such an incredibly rich and magical time. Both times were beautiful opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.Nest pregnancy offers a 5 part course, one on one sessions and lots of great resources to support pregnant womens wellbeing so they can have an easier and more fulfilling transition into motherhood.

I also have worked with Starlight Children’s foundation for the last six years as a hospital facilitator and online chat host for Livewire, supporting teenagers with serious illness and disability. I also facilitate positive wellbeing workshops for youth services, women’s centres, mother’s groups and hospitals.

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